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About Us.

Mahalaxmi Developers has been working in the developer sector since 17 years. We have our presence in 7 tehsil with employing 250 peoples working with us.
Helicopter is just not an enjoyment in today’s world but it’s becoming our need in day to day life. Considering future prospective it’s an collaborative effort to save time with the use of modern technology we are entering into new business.
Be assure that our approach is to give best service at reasonable cost. Most of us are not known to the subject of helicopter though our attempt is to give an overwhelming experience of the air travel medium to as many people as possible.

Our vision

Now each one of us will fly

Our Mission.

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Our Fleet.

H-130 Airbus H130

VT-ISG specifications.

Our Fleet.

Bell 407

bell specifications.


Pune Darshan/Joy Ride

Enjoy the Helicopter Joy ride and experience your city likes never before with Family Friend and Individual person. There is nothing quite like the sensation of hovering and flying in a helicopter.

Corporate, Business and Factory visits

We offer customized services for the corporate groups, tour operators and other agencies as well as individuals who are looking for convenient travel with broader flexibility.

Wedding/ Pre Wedding Photo shutting /Destination Wedding

Marriage is one of the special occasions in one’s life. Everyone wants to make their marriage ceremony feel special so that they can remember it for the rest of their lives.

Flower Dropping

You can now surprise your loved ones with a flower shower like never before. It can be a wedding or a birthday bash or any event; you can surprise each and every one through a beautiful flower showering with your favourite flowers on all events.

Fort Visit

Save your energy for what matters – a quick getaway, a special occasion, a family outing – skip traffic.We can travel from Pune to anywhere in India.

Temple Visit (Dev Darshan )

We aim to create a sweet spot where belief and devotion meets comfort and luxury.

Election Flying

For political rallies, Charter Helicopter has become an indispensable tool which saves time on travelling to the far-flung areas.

Private Charter

We are happy to serve you, your family and friends to make your travel a memorable affair. We understand your privacy concerns and offer private jets in India with complete anonymity and confidentiality to our clients.